Brief Biography of Imam Bukhari.

The famous and respected Muhaddith, Imam Bukhari's genealogy is as follows: Mohammed Ibn Ismail Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Mugheera Ibn Bardizbah.

His father Ismail was a well-known and famous Muhaddith in his time and had been blessed with the chance of being in the company of Imam Malik, Hammad Ibn Zaid and also Abdullah Ibn Mubarak.
Bukhari (full name Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin al-Mughira al-Ja'fai) was born on the blessed day of Friday 13 Shawwaal 194 (A.H). He had lost the use of his eyes in the early stages of his childhood. However, due to the pious and lengthy prayers of his mother his eyesight was returned miraculously. The news had reached his mother through a dream in which Hadhrat Ibrahim (AS) had appeared and said, "Due to your bountiful and sacred prayers Allah(SWT) has returned the eyesight of your son." The dream was proven to be true in the morning.

Sahih Bukhari - Teachings

Bukhari first started listening and learning ahadith in 205 A.H., and after profiting from the Ulamaa of his town he started his travels in 210 A.H. There are a great number of teachers from whom Bukhari actually gained his much respected knowledge. It has been known to be said by Imam Bukhari himself that, "I have written ahaidth from 1080 different people all of whom were scholars." However, he profited most from Ishaq Ibn Rahway and Ali Ibn Madeeni. Bukhari has narrated ahadith from Ulamaa of five different categories. He has also narrated ahadith from his students believing in the fact that no person shall be titled a scholar of ahadith until he has narrated from his elders, youngsters and contemporaries.